Working on prevention of Child sexual Abuse(CSA) in schools

Since 2012, Peace and Equality Cell has been involved in prevention work on Child Sexual Abuse in rural and semi-urban areas. Trained volunteers from PEC have worked in collaboration with government schools to educate children on child sexual abuse and prevention of it.

In 2019, we have done trainings in Mehsana District, Ahmedabad and Anand. We hope to reach 18,000 chidren by April 2020.

With the children, we conduct workshops on safe touch/unsafe touch and show them the Komal video from ChildLine. The video showcases several types of interventions and has helped children equip themselves in times of needs.

Feedback from these sessions has been positive. Most children express that they didn’t even know that certain kinds of touch were unsafe and some open up about their experiences. Boys usually come back saying that they didn’t know they could be harassed and express shock at the data saying that 53% of boys have experienced sexual harassment.

This year, we hope to reach 18,000 children. Recently, the district education authority wrote a letter to principals of all schools in Ahmedabad to allow us to conduct CSA sessions in schools across Ahmedabad.

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