Collaboration with Age of change

AGE OF CHANGE an initiative taken by group of students to raise awareness on subjects like Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) ,Importance of Mental Health and Need for Sex Education in Schools with collaboration with Peace and Equality Cell .AGE OF CHANGE is a venture of young minds coming up together to take the responsibility to bring the change in society’s perspective on taboo topics which had to be accepted a long time ago bringing the society into upliftment. It was set up in September 2019.

AGE OF CHANGE is lead by Aathira Nair. Aathira has interned with Peace and Equality Cell and was impressed with the Child Sexual Abuse awareness trainings done by Peace and Equality Cell. Aathira Nair also took the initiative to do Child Sexual Awareness trainings with Peace and Equality Cell. She brought up an idea to Prita Jha(Head of Peace and Equality Cell) to conduct awareness on Mental Health Awareness and also Importance of Sex Education. Prita Jha guided to the whole team with knowledge and experience from the trainings conducted by Peace and Equality Cell on Child Sexual Abuse.

Peace and Equality Cell has permission from the Ahmedabad and Mehsana District Education Authority to show Komal Video developed by Child Line for Child Sexual Awareness trainings.

AGE OF CHANGE a team of students who got together and researched on above topics and brought up the whole plan along with Peace and Equality Cell to do trainings on Child Sexual Abuse , Mental Health Awareness and Importance of Sex Education.

They had there first successful worshop session at ASIA ENGLISH SCHOOL.

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