Visit to Anand district with PEC’s State Team

On Friday 31 January 2020, Prita Jha and the PEC state team set off from Ahmedabad to meet the survivors and their families based in the district of Anand. Set to be a packed day, our team aimed to meet with all of our ongoing cases. We spent the day meeting with families of victims and survivors in the rural parts of Anand, which is a crucial part of the work that PEC does.

To spend time with the families in person and to hear the details of their stories is truly an eye-opening experience because the grass roots reality gives you the true context of the case. This personalisation helps us to understand the case in detail. Our face to face presence means that families feel supported, being able to share the updates of their cases and provide us with feedback on how their case is being handled by their district case worker. We use this constructive feedback in order to improve our services and outreach to more families.

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