National Seminar on Gender-Based Violence in India: Social Norms, Social Work & Social Change

Prita Jha was invited to the plenary discussion with a host of panelists, including Professors in Social Work; Bhavna Mehta, Dinesh Kapadia and Dr Sanjay on the topic of challenging Social Norms in our society and how to bring about social change. The main theme of the conference was to address and discuss solutions to the epidemic of Gender-Based Violence in Gujarat.

This panel discussion was held on 8th February (the second day of the 2 day seminar), at the renowned Faculty of Social Work at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (MSU), under the aegis of the Social Norms Knowledge Hub (SNKH), with the support of Unicef India.

The audience was made up of University students, teachers and professors from within the Social Work Faculty, to hear panelists explore ways in which social norms should be challenged, including dated ideals and conditioning which is engrained within all levels of society. The audience were able to ask questions to the panelists in order to aid their own understanding of how integral societal involvement is in bringing about lasting change.

It was encouraging to hear progressive research papers delivered by students, illustrating the importance of continued research in these areas.

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