Helping those in need in Finaw, Anand, supported by HDRC and IKD

In collaboration with HDRC and IKD, in Finaw, a rural village in Anand (Gujarat), 26 families have been identified as needing help and PEC have now managed to provide 119 people with a supplementary food kit that will last them 7-10 days for families of between 5 to 7 people.

In this village, it has been some 3 years since a scheduled caste community suffered a social and economical boycott. There was an incident between the ‘higher’ and scheduled caste villagers where, historically, the scheduled caste community were dependent on the ‘higher’ caste for work as labourers in their farms and fields. A caste conflict led to all the agricultural laborers from the scheduled caste community being socially-economically boycotted from working on the farms of the land-owning community. Subsequently, they managed to get some work from MNREGGA Scheme with the support of local NGOs but the MNREGGA Scheme, though it should be working to give work to the needy on the whole, is not been activated in this village during lockdown.

One of the main issues highlighted by PEC activists is that under the current ration provisions, the members of the labouring community are getting very limited provisions, which do not include oil, turmeric, chilli powder, tea, etc. Therefore, our supplementary kit is needed to provide people with what they need to make a proper meal.

Our supplementary kit contains: 1kg oil, 1kg tuver daal, 1kg moong daal, 500g chilli powder, 500g turmeric, 2kg sugar, 250g tea, 1kg salt, washing soap and clothes soap.

Please see PEC volunteers and IKD coordinators, Ranjanben & Dipsinghbhai meeting with families and distributing food kits.

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