Foodkit Distribution in Ahmedabad – May 2020

In some of the most deprived areas of Ahmedabad, our activists identified the daily-wagers there. Most of these workers used to be involved in sewing, rickshaw/peddle drivers, welders, dying clothes, construction labourers, mechanics, vendors of vegetables/fruits and also made clay water containers and sold these, but now not able to work nor trade any longer.

In Ahmedabad, the total number of active Covid-19 cases has reached 3,221, with 910 deaths.

Initially on 22 May, we started distributing kits to domestic violence and CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) case survivors, though this took some time as the  107 survivors are geographically spread over Ahmedabad and many chose to come to AWAG office to pick up their kit in confidence. Interestingly, here there were many women who did not feel comfortable to go out and queue to get any food being distributed by government or other charitable institutions in their areas. However, they all felt grateful that someone was thinking about their situation at this difficult time. Survivors staying with their parents felt that they had contributed to the family food needs and even women still living with their husbands , where there have been incidents appreciated this gesture as in many cases, their husbands income had stopped during lockdown.

Another part of our distribution was in the impoverished, urban areas of Ahmedabad in Ramol, Vanzarabaas, Imdaznagar, Gafur Basti, Behrampura, Amraivadi.

The foodkit comprised of 1kg oil, 3kg rice, 1kg whole moong lentils, 1kg tuver daal lentils, 500g chickpea lentils, 500g split moong daal, 1kg jaggory, 250g tea leaves, 1kg sugar, 5 washing soap, 1 mask and 2 packets of sanitary towels.

Working with Veer Divyang Trust & Ahmedabad Leprosy Colony

78 foodkits have also been provided to support the Veer Divyang Trust run by Muktiyarbhai Rehmat, who is himself physically disabled. The trust was set up 3 years ago and ensures that they receive their entitlements and the help they need from the government. The areas where the families reside are Vatva, Shahalam, Danilimbda, Shahiala, Narol, made up of mixed communities comprising of Dalit, Muslim and Hindu people.  We will be collaborating with Muktiyarbhai to ensure that all the members receive the benefits they should.

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