Foodkit Distribution in Mehsana

In Mehsana, the main marginalised community is the Dalit community, whose main work was the removal of household waste. We also identified ladies who are widowed, disabled and the neediest as they have no one to support them. In addition, there are several migrant workers who had been working in Mehsana, having moved mainly from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Haryana.

The total number of active Covid-19 cases has reached 47, with 6 deaths.  The distribution of comprehensive supplementary food kits was completed by our team on 3 June 2020. Our activist has been extremely active in field interventions to ensure that daily wage labourers and migrant labourers rights as employees and their rights to state entitlements are upheld.

The kit distributed from Mehsana by local vendors, included the following items: 1kg oil, 3kg rice, 1kg whole moong lentils, 500g split moong lentils, 1kg tuver daal lentil, 250g tea leaves, 1kg sugar, 1kg jaggery, 200g chilli powder, 200g turmeric, 2 washing soaps, 1 packet of sanitary towels and 2 protective masks.

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