ASHA Workers Training in Behrampura (Ahmedabad), Saturday 11 July 2020

Usmanbhai, our seasoned Field Coordinator and experienced Activist conducted specialist CSA sensitisation training for Asha Workers at the Behrampura Health Centre with 18 Asha workers. Asha (Accredited Social Health Activist) workers are field surveyors that support women and children in health and malnutrition within the communities, also supporting adolescent girls. They arrange meetings in the villages and call Doctors to visit and treat patients as and when required to specifically support medical issues in urban areas.

The Asha workers were shown the Komal video, after which we had a separate questionnaire for them to complete in small groups.

  1. What is your understanding on CSA against children? Their answers: Inappropriate touching, abuse against children etc
  2. What are the affects of CSA on children? Their answers: Depression, isolating, fear, cannot concentrate and do not want to talk
  3. Why are children not talking to their parents about CSA experiences? Their answers: Through fear, embarrassed to speak to Mother/Father or the cause for conflicts in the home, they have been threatened by the perpetrator
  4. What happens when parents know of CSA? Their answers: Mother/Father argue, Father blames mother, relationships change, negative affect against child, restricting them leaving, worry of their reputation in the community, affect on child’s education, fear
  5. What are the affects on CSA on a family? Their answers: Depression in family members, family is fearful of the community and what they’ll say, reputational risk in community, fearful for the child being threatened
  6. Why is the community quiet on such issues of CSA? Their answers: Scared of reputation, girl’s reputation, affecting inter-community relations, scaring the child

As Asha workers work directly with our target groups, this outreach training programme for them will be extremely important and beneficial in reaching pockets in society where raising awareness is key in fighting against Child Sexual Abuse and in turn, help to prevent or at least seek support sooner.

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