Training at Veer Divyang Trust, Sunday 12 July 2020

Since lockdown, PEC has continued to support the differently-abled community and now we have been supporting people in getting Antyodaya card entitlements. Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) household’s entitlements are 35 kg of food grain per household per month to continue as before. Wheat and rice are being issued at the scale of 15 kg and 20 kg per family per month at the rate of Rs. 2 and Rs. 3 per kg respectively.

PEC’s Usmanbhai also supported in submitting an application with each individual’s details for Antyodaya card along with relevant and required evidence to check on their status. In total, 50 applications were submitted and followed up.

In addition, Childline’s Komal video training was attended by a small group of people about the issues of CSA along with a questionnaire.

  1. What is your understanding on CSA against children? Their answers: Touching children inappropriately
  2. What are the affects of CSA on children? Their answers: Mental health issue, fear, upset
  3. Why are children not talking to their parents about CSA experiences? Their answers: Being threatened by the perpetrator
  4. What happens when parents know of CSA? Their answers: The parents come to understanding for a solution and for moral support and strength for the child to get justice
  5. What are the affects of CSA on a family? Their answers: Not to blame the child and ensure the child understands this, the community feels humiliated

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