Prevention of CSA – Trainings with Communities in Mehsana, Sabarkantha & Anand

Since the lockdown has been lifted, our activists have been busy resuming PEC’s main line of social work – Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse by teaching children and raising awareness in the community, about “safe/unsafe touch”.

Of course, it has come as a challenge, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, as children are no longer attending school for the time being, there are restrictions for group gatherings, social distancing must be implemented as well as mandatory wearing of masks.

Our main activists and volunteers, Ranjanben (Mehsana), Dipsingbhai (Anand), Ranjanben (Anand), Bhavanaben (Anand) and Shabanaben (Sabarkantha) have all managed well and been proactive in resuming their usual line of work. Given the current situation, they have been seeking new training forums, in not only reaching out to younger children, but also to Asha and Aanganwadi workers, parents, adolescent children, village communities, children of migrant labourers as well as migrant labourers themselves (for example, in the brick kilns where we previously distributed foodkits during the lockdown) and children who do not attend school.

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