Webinar on 20 & 22 July 2020 with CEPT University students on Sexual Harassment of Women (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act 2013

Over 250 CEPT university students joined the webinars with the main aim of understanding the law on Sexual Harassment.

Introduction was made by Komal Parikh about the importance of gender parity for students, as the CEPT university has a Gender Parity Mission (GPM) group to assist students in this area.

Training was delivered by Prita Jha with the aims of the workshops being a deeper understanding of the law on Sexual Harassment, against whom a complaint can be made and the Internal Committee complaints procedure.

The issues of consent and rejection were also discussed to engage students in comprehending what constitutes sexual harassment, illustrated with a series of videos made by PLD India.

To book an online interactive training workshop for your institution or business on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, please email us at peaceandequalitycell@gmail.com.

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