Internal training on Juvenile Justice Act 2015 with PEC Team, volunteers & cadre on 18 August 2020

Advocate Yasinbhai Mansuri, who works with PEC on some of our cases, provided refresher training to the PEC team and we also welcomed the wider team of cadre field activists on the Juvenile Justice Act to join us on this webinar.

Prita Jha briefly outlined the context and reasons for having a different criminal justice system for children and the fact that the aim of this legislation is to provide an infrastructure for children in need of care and protection and work towards social reintegration of children in conflict with the law. Some of the main principles underpinning the legislation were discussed.

Advocate Yasin Mansuri conducted the seminar in Gujarati, comprehensively covering all aspects of the Act. He covered the definitions of child and explaining the role, duty and responsibility of Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Committee. He covered the recent controversial changes in the law regarding heinous crimes where children in age group 16-18 can be tried as adults.

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