Webinar on POCSO act in collaboration with botad ngo

We collaborated with Shriji Education Seva Trust, an NGO based in Botad to deliver online training for their activists and volunteers with Prita Jha on the various aspects of the law on POCSO (Prevention Of Child Sexual Offences) on October 20. The webinar was well received and every single member of the NGO had joined in to take the training.

SHRIJI EDUCATION SEVA TRUST (SEST) is an NGO established in 2001 which works intensively for Women Empowerment, Agriculture, Environment, Child Development, Health, Education, SHG, Issue based activities.

Some of the areas covered in this webinar were:

  • Introduction to the POCSO Act
  • Objective of the POCSO act
  • Offences under the Law
  • Challenges of the POCSO act
  • Challenges faced during the implementation of the act
  • Within 24hrs, child to be presented to Child Welfare Committee, shelter, medical examination, reporting etc
  • CWC (team of 5) – to support any child in need of care and protection.

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