Webinar on understanding Child Sexual Abuse and POCSO Act in collaboration with SAMVET NGO

This webinar was organised in collaboration with SAMVET NGO based in Bhagalpur Bihar to carry out an online training of Child Sexual Abuse and POCSO Act for their volunteers, activists, CWC members and authorities from childline services with Prita Jha. The webinar was held on October 26. It is a first step of PEC’s work in Bihar and it was very well received. The authorities distinctively applauded Prita Jha’s efforts in explaining technical details to everyone in a comprehensive manner.

The agenda for the call set was to discuss:

  • Child Sexual Abuse – awareness of child sexual abuse and the need for it, explaining the process of grooming, explaining what is safe touch and unsafe touch by showing a child friendly video called ‘Komal’ to all the children, parents and teachers, discussing what can we do to prevent the child sexual abuse, impact of child sexual abuse and what can we do if it happens
  • POCSO Act of 2012 – Background & History, Categories, Roles of Police, Child welfare committee, support person etc, challenges of POCSO, theory and practice
  • Q & A related to webinar with Prita

    Several important questions were raised by activists and authorities at the end. The webinar brought various issues into prominence that authorities were facing in implementing their work at the grassroot level. Our next step would be a one hour session with volunteers to orient them further regarding CSA sessions with children and parents.

    We look forward to our upcoming collaborations with the NGO.

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