A Safe Space

A novel initiative has been under process at PEC called ‘A Safe Space.’ The pandemic has affected mental health and wellbeing of individuals. There are numerous reasons responsible for the mental health impact of the pandemic in India. Many daily wage labourers and migrant workers have lost their jobs due to the lockdown, have little to sustain their livelihoods, are starving to death and in general are very stressed. We wish to extend our help to all the distressed people; especially the survivors of abuse, mental health and front-line warriors, gov counselors etc. ‘A safe space’ will be offered as an online drop-in service where our Principal anchor Prita Jha will collaborate with the mental health counselor Supriya Shah and they will work together to resolve and overcome their issues. Prita has worked as a family and criminal lawyer for many years prior to setting up PEC which works on access to Justice for survivors of unconstitutional violence. Supriya has been counselling voluntarily for three years and has dealt with a range of issues from teenage conflict, relationship counselling, family counselling, to depression and helplessness.

You can contact us on Google Meet through the link shared in graphic. Join us today and let’s talk.

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