Diwali Celebrations with Migrant Families and Children

Diwali, the festival of lights is the most joyous and celebrated festival of the year. However, this year has been different in terms of celebrations. Diwali in 2020 has all been about bringing goodness to the fore, being mindful of the people in need and lighting up their lives.

Field activist Ranjan Ben celebrating Diwali with children

We at PEC, marked this festival with reaching out to the less fortunate and giving them gifts and celebrating the festival with them. Our field activists along with their cadres met communities of migrant families and celebrated this auspicious festival of lights with them and their children. The festival rituals include exchanging gifts and giving back to the community in small ways. Our activists in the field also donated sweets and clothes to children to make this festive season more meaningful for them. The celebrations and gifting brought a smile to their faces. It also gave them hope and respite from their lives and motivated them to look forward to a better year.

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