State level Consultation on Dalit, Women, Labor rights and COVID-19

A state level meeting was organized on January 29, 2021 by Human Rights Law Network and Human Development and Research Centre to discuss and analyze the impact of Covid-19 amongst Dalit Community, issues faced by Women, Labor Rights and Children’s Education. Our director Prita Jha, along with activist Ranjan Parmar were invited to speak at this consultation.

The event covered wide range of issues prevailing in the state during the pandemic. It addressed

  • Rights of Women in the Society
  • Property Rights of women
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Field activists working on Women’s issues
  • Challenges faced by Migrant Workers and Daily laborers during Covid-19
  • Unemployment Issues and Lack of protection in the marginalized communities of Gujarat
  • How to build a core legal team and work with local administration to develop response systems
  • Compromised education for underprivileged learners
  • No Unemployment Benefits
  • Highlighting ways that community members can act as responsible bystanders towards domestic violence
  • To build awareness and bystander intervention.

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