Educational Initiative with Sajeevta Foundation

From the time of the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID 19), people have been impacted in one way or the other. Countrywide lockdowns have strongly impacted the lives of people of all occupations and all ages. The flare-up has also affected the education system across the world and has altered the lives of 1,576,021,818 learners in 188 countries (UNESCO, 2020). The lockdowns put an unprecedented challenge on the governments to ensure that there should be continuity of learning. Several countries have adopted different measures to deal with the educational crisis. Children across the country have been given alternate resources to study outside of the classroom. Temporary solutions being devised for remote education range from online classroom tools like Google Classroom, to Zoom, podcasts by teachers and Home learning. 

However, the true sufferers of the school closings are found to be the students and children in less fortunate situations and the students who are in schools that are not well-funded. This is because those children lack the devices and internet access to be able to participate in online classes, and the schools do not have the capacity to teach online. This has left many children in a bad spot where they are unable to receive an education.

PEC Director Prita Jha collecting the tools from Krutika Patel( Director) of Sajeevta Foundation
Prita Jha collecting the tools from Sajeevta Foundation’s Director Krutika Patel

Sajeevta Foundation’s incredible initiative has been helpful in assisting children to get back to learning, and be ready to get back to schooling. Peace and Equality Cell is excited to collaborate with them in Gujarat to directly help six families for their children to learn well. Prita Jha recently met with their director Krutika Patel to collect the tools, materials and approaches required for their Home learning support. Our community activists will be undergoing an orientation and coaching sessions for the next couple of months to understand the process of this learning. We look forward to creating and providing more opportunities and alternatives for the children of disadvantaged communities through this collaboration.

You can also support us in our donation drive to provide access to education to these unprivileged families and make a difference!

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