Update on Child Trafficking and Rape Case

This is a heart-warming and proud moment for this amazingly courageous young survivor of child trafficking and rape – we are extremely happy that the Honourable court, police and advocates have worked together to restore the faith of a vulnerable survivor in the Criminal Justice System. We would like to thank all the lawyers involved in this journey in the trial court and High court who defended her right to autonomy and dignity- a big thank you to Advocate Amrita Patel for putting in numerous hours of intellectual and emotional labour and treading carefully and sensitively through all the difficult moments and of course to senior advocate Megha Jani for guiding us – last but not least a big thank you to all members of Peace and Equality Cell for carrying on with their grassroots and legal interventions -no matter what the obstacles. We await the final hearing in October- this is an interim application on compensation and rehabilitation- the appeal has yet to be heard.

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