Meeting with Acid Attack Survivor in Anand

Prita Jha met the acid attack survivor in Anand. She is doing much better now and has put on weight as well. One of our field activists Ranjanben has put her in contact with someone from DCPU who is meeting her once a week. The DCPU official has given her some vitamin pills and other medicines which have increased her appetite.

The survivor has received Rs. 1 lakh from the court and Prita ma’am talked to them about the need to apply to receive a further Rs. 2 lakhs. The application procedure requires the inclusion of what more the survivor needs for her rehabilitation.

The survivor talked about how she is getting very bored at home. She wants to go back to school so Prita ma’am talked to her family about getting her a mobile phone to study since schools are online for now.

The issue is that her parents are reluctant to give her a phone because they think all problems happened because the survivor had a phone previously. There is considerable victim-blaming happening in this case.

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