Field visit to Anand

The director of PEC, Prita went on a field visit to Anand with state coordinator Usmanbhai on April 26, 2023. The prime objective of this visit was to meet the survivors of CSA (child sexual abuse) and talk to them about the progress made in their cases.

The visit began with a survivor of POCSO who was completely traumatised by the abuse she had suffered. She was barely able to talk about what she had gone through and looked scared. The field persons will be helping her to enrol for government schemes as well as apply for interim compensation so that the survivor can resume living her life with dignity. We shall also be providing emotional support to the family.

The second visit was made to a survivor who is intellectually disabled and can barely speak. The family lives under the poverty line and the survivor doesn’t have any required identity documents that we could use to get her access to justice. We shall be helping the family get the necessary identification documents. The organization will also help the family enrol in government schemes for disabled persons. 

During this visit, Prita also met with a survivor of an old case which is still running in the court. The family looked dejected and frustrated with the legal proceedings of the case. It has been running in the courts for two years and there has been no visible progress. The pendency of the cases has been a challenge to the judicial process but our field support person will continue to meet with the family and survivor to show their support.

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