About Us

The Peace and Equality Cell is a non-profit organization established under the Society and Trusts Act in 2012. Our primary focus is on promoting access to justice and providing training in sexual abuse prevention and raising awareness of laws related to child sexual abuse. We also collaborate with relevant departments and organizations to enhance the effectiveness of existing legislation.

Our team consists of lawyers, activists, researchers, trainers, and we take a child-centered, feminist approach to our work, valuing the experiences of marginalized women and striving to bring attention to their concerns among policymakers. We have been working since 2005 on issues of legal justice and challenging the deep-seated injustices and structural inequalities that marginalized communities face.


The Peace and Equality Cell has been working on issues of access to justice in Ahmedabad, Anand, and Sabarkantha since 2005. In the past two years, we have expanded our reach to other districts of Gujarat, where we collaborate with other NGOs, collectives, and associations.

Currently, we have a strong partnership with the peace and justice section of HDRC, which allows us to expand our work on justice in the eight districts where HDRC has a significant presence. As a result of these effective collaborations, we are now able to take on cases from approximately 10 districts of Gujarat and are ready and willing to take on cases of severe human rights violations from any district in Gujarat.