Peace and Equality Cell is an organisation set up under the Society and Trusts Act in 2012. A major part of our work is on delivering access to justice and providing trainings for sexual abuse prevention and raising awareness of the POCSO law.

We work on cases of unconstitutional violence, work with women’s shelters in Gujarat and provide CSA trainings in Mehsana, Patna, Sabarkantha and Ahmedabad districts in Gujarat.

Publications and Reports

  • Podcast With Swaddle now on Spotify

    17 Apr 2023 by

    Our Director Prita Jha did a podcast with the Swaddle and spoke about women and children in the legal justice system. She also talks about the implementation and the laws pertaining to child and women sexual abuse in India She talks about the work our organisation is doing to help and aid the survivors and… Read more

  • Donation Drive for A New Initiative

    4 May 2023 by

    India has made significant progress in recognizing and protecting the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. In landmark judgments, the transgender community was officially recognized as the “third gender,” sexual orientation was recognized as protected under the right to privacy, homosexuality was decriminalized, and same-sex couples were entitled to welfare benefits. Even at present, the Supreme… Read more

  • Field visit to Anand

    3 May 2023 by

    The director of PEC, Prita went on a field visit to Anand with state coordinator Usmanbhai on April 26, 2023. The prime objective of this visit was to meet the survivors of CSA (child sexual abuse) and talk to them about the progress made in their cases. The visit began with a survivor of POCSO… Read more

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