PEC delivers training on the latest guidelines to women’s shelter managers

Prita Jha, Founder and Director of PEC delivered training on the latest guidelines issued by the High Court for Shelter Managers at Sardar Vallabhbhai Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA) in Ahmedabad on 23 January 2020.

Also in attendance were Gujarat Women’s Shelter Managers and notable speakers delivering various aspects of training. This interactive session allowed the Managers of Women’s Shelters to fully understand their roles and responsibilities within these well-defined guidelines.

PEC Session Summary:

– Introduction of PEC and the work they do

– Evolution of the guidelines and new developments

– What shelters should be like

– Commentary on the various rules of the amendments

– Main concepts discussed

– Highlighting the main language adjustments from “inmates” to “residents”, “Superintendents” to “Managers”

– Emphasis on 3 key words – Protection, Empowerment and Rehabilitation

– Managers to encompass sensitivity and implement the LASTS Model (Listen, Ask & Act, Specialist Support & Services, Tools, Sustained Independence) with purpose and vision for the development of Women in Shelters

– Challenging the patriarchal notion that women should be imprisoned for leaving their husbands when in fact, they have freedom to make their own life choices and are not the property of their husbands

– Allowing visitation rights for the women in the Shelter to see their friends/neighbours/relatives/advocates etc if they so choose to as per Rule 32 notified by WCD on 19th January 2019:

Rule 32 – Visitor’s Policy :

(1) Each Shelter/Centre shall will have visiting hours from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4:00 to 6:00 pm.

 A resident may meet any visitor during the visiting hours if she wishes to.

(2) Every visitor will make an entry of the visit in the visitor register, giving details like full name, address, phone number and the date and time of visit. In no circumstances shall a resident be forced to have a meeting with any relative if she does not wish to have that meeting.

Please also see our previous article on this matter:

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