Supporting those in need during this unprecedented time of Covid19

PEC together in collaboration with Manav Sadhna (a sanstha based at the Gandhi Ashram) and Sharifa Chippa of Aman Biradari Trust, has distributed 47 food kits to migrant and daily wage labourers in Ahmedabad city.

In addition, we have been trying to reach the most vulnerable of our survivors, particularly single women.  One of our survivors Kaliben, (name changed to protect her identity) is presently fighting a POCSO case against her husband who molested his stepdaughter (her daughter) and has also had threats of violence from his family who live nearby. She lives in rural Ahmedabad in a remote village, and it has proved difficult for us to get food kits and money to her.  Usmanbhai has been in daily and direct contact with Kaliben, who has been quite apprehensive because she also heard from her husband’s family that he may be released on bail from prison because of the Corona violence lockdown situation. There is a circular which has been sent to all prison authorities as per a Supreme Court judgement which has asked all states to release prisoners on temporary bail who are currently doing sentences of less than 7 years. Kaliben has been extremely anxious about this and we are monitoring the situation closely. 

Ranjanben Yadav has transferred support funds to a family in need in Anand.

We have also made contact with another case where the child is suffering from mental health disabilities whose case has been going on in the court for the past 3-4 years and the father of the survivor has managed to travel to pick up the food kit and cash of 500 Rs from Usmanbhai. 

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