POCSO, POSH & Counselling in Difficult Situations Webinar on 27 July 2020

This webinar was organised by PEC in collaboration with Sabarkantha Women & Child Development District Team. Attending the call were 95 people comprising of key persons, district counsellors, 181 helpline counsellors, DCPU, One Stop centres and observation home personnel.

As the attendees are first-responders, it is essential for them to have refresher training on the areas in which they work in, so this training focused on Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH), POCSO (Prevention of Child Sexual Offences) & Counselling in difficult situations.

The session was introduced by Dipen Pandya, District Women & Child Officer. Prita Jha discussed the various offences covered under these laws and the Q&A session was open for first-responders to discuss any support and clarification required in their cases.

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