Aid to Migrant Workers in Bihar by Samvet Bhagalpur and PEC in Collaboration Aid India

Samvet Bhagalpur and PEC in collaboration with Aid India, provided 400 food kits to migrant workers who had to return to their native place(s) because of the lockdown. This distribution took place in rural and urban areas.

Urmila Devi has 3 sons. Her husband passed away three years ago. Her sons do not give her food to eat due to which she is always ill. The food she receives from her Ration Card is taken by her sons. She eats food by asking from people. Chaudhary Tola is the village of fishermen and people earn their livelihood by selling fish. The rate of vaccine distribution in the village is approximately 25%. The rate is low due to rumors, but government and social organizations are trying to spread awareness and urge people to take the vaccine. She was very happy to receive the Ration Kit provided by the NGO and thanked the worker.

Urmila Devi, 75 years old

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