About Us

Peace and Equality Cell is an organization set up under the Society and Trusts Act in 2012. A major part of our work is on delivering access to justice and providing trainings for sexual abuse prevention and raising awareness of the law on child sexual abuse. We also work where possible collaboratively with concerned departments and bodies to improve the capacity of stakeholders to enhance the impact of the legislation .Our main contribution here is to bring ground realities to the attention of individuals responsible for monitoring and implementation of the legislation.

Our team consists of lawyers, activists and researchers and trainers and  we have always taken a justice based approach which is child centric. Our approach is always feminist in that we value the experiences of women and their ground realities and strive to bring this to the attention of the policy makers. We have been working since 2005 on issues of legal justice and have been challenging deep seated injustices and structural inequalities that the marginalised sections face.


We have established field work on access to justice since 2005 in Ahmedabad, Anand and Sabarkantha, but, over the last two years, we have expanded our work to various other districts of Gujarat where we work collaboratively with other NGOs, collectives and associations.

We are presently working closely with the peace and justice section of HDRC and this has allowed us to amplify our work on justice in the eight districts where HDRC has a strong field presence. Thanks to effective collaborations, we are now taking up cases from about 10 districts of Gujarat and ready and willing to take cases of serious human right violations from any district in Gujarat.