Peace and Equality Cell is dedicated to helping minorities and marginalised communities by way of law and raising awareness. With a growing presence in Gujarat, our strength is drawn from people like you – people who are committed to protecting the rights of every citizen in every corner of our country.

As a fairly small organisation, we strive to fight for the rights of the unheard and the misunderstood. Laws that are in place to protect women and children need to be fought for and protected. Ensuring the implementation of these rights is important.

You can contribute ₹10,000 to help us access justice in a case of child sexual abuse or gender based violence. Your money will be used to hire a advocate to fight the case in court.

You can contribute ₹10,000 to our training budget to ensure that we can deliver 2-day trainings in rural areas and for poor sections of society.

You can contribute ₹5000 to our adhoc victim fund to help us pay for travel and other necessary expenses in cases of the poorest survivors. This is not something we do routinely but there are some cases where survivors do not have the money to travel to court for hearings or to go to the counselling office or to go to different government departments to claim compensation.

You can contribute ₹2000 to help us provide field level support to survivors in one case.

You can contribute ₹500 so help us conduct one training for 20 children in a government school. Alternatively, you can pay ₹5000 for 10 trainings or 10,000 for 20 trainings.

Please email us with your name and address to specify the purpose for which you would like PEC to use your money.

Donations made will be 100% tax exempt. Funds are only accepted in Indian currency.

Bank details for transfer are :

Name: Peace and Equality Cell

A/C No: 3751000100264056


Bank Name & Branch: Punjab National Bank, Relief Road Ahmedabad – 380001

Please email us at with any questions you have.